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I take a collaborative approach to help women thrive. I believe that optimal health is the balance of mind, body and soul. 

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Pam Kudlowich
Holistic Nutritionist

For several years I suffered with chronic pain and inflammation, low energy, irritability and extra pounds that I couldn't lose. I was eating mostly processed and fast foods, and not making myself a priority.  My struggles improved when I started to eat whole, unpackaged foods, I achieved inner balance, became physically active and was able to switch my mindset. My pain and inflammation disappeared, the weight I couldn't lose came off, I was no longer irritable and my energy level was the highest it had been in years.


My story turned into a mission of passion. I realized that if I was able to improve my health, then I could help others and you do the same. I became a Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master and Holistic Nutritionist.  I incorporated proper nutrition and kept my mental and physical body active. 


According to the World Health Organization, "65-80% or 3 billion people, are looking for alternative holistic solutions to meet their health and lifestyle goals".

I am passionate about helping women reach their health goals, while providing support, guidance and tips to help you glow from the inside out and feel more confident.


  • Applied Holistic Nutrition, 2020 The Institute of Holistic Nutrition

  • Holistic Health Practitioner, 2018 Transformational Arts College 


  • Reiki 1, 2 & Master

  • Rebuilding your relationship with food

Sabrina Massoni Camilo

Sabrina's love for sports lead her to pursue a career in physiotherapy, but early into her training she fell in love with working with the older population. She has many years of experience working with clients suffering from common conditions such as arthritis and also complex neurological conditions such as MS, ALS, Stroke and Parkinson. 

After spending two years in Venezuela where she had a practice geared towards helping clients return to leisure activities, she decided to complete her studies as a Personal Trainer. As a trainer, Sabrina is passionate about working with beginners, women who have been away from the gym or never exercised before.  


• Geriatric Physical Therapy Residency, 2005 University of Miami & St. Catherine's Hospital

• Masters of Science in Physical Therapy, 2003, Florida International University

• Personal Training Specialist, 2018 CanfitPro



• Allied Team Training for Parkinson Disease

• Maitland Mobilization

• KinesioTape

• Active Agers Certificate - CanfitPro

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