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Nutritional support to reduce inflammation and pain, to optimize your health, improve vitality and reduce fatigue. Book a discovery all to get started now!

Wouldn't it be great?

• To get rid of that stubborn weight that creeped up

• To never diet again and maintain a healthy weight

• To be more active

• To sleep well and wake up rested

• To have energy throughout the day

• Get rid of cravings

• Be at peace with yourself

• Move without aches and pains

• Feel stronger than you have in years

• Make yourself a priority without dropping the ball on your many obligations

We can help you get there!!

Let's work together to make your goals a reality!


Root Healing and Nutrition believes that optimal health is the balance of mind, body and soul.  When these three essential elements of ourselves are in balance, they support each other as we go through our health journey. 


The body is the foundation of health. To achieve optimal health, the body should be nourished with the right foods, and physical activity. 


Mental well-being is closely linked to physical health. Practices like mindfulness, meditation, and deep breathing can be integral to maintaining mental balance. 


The soul represents your innermost core, encompassing values, beliefs, and purpose. 

Using the Four Pillars of Health, I will holistically guide you to achieve your desired goals, so you can have more vitality, energy, and be confindent in yourself. 

Happy Clients

"I have more energy and lower cholesterol. I would highly recommend Pam for your nutritional goals."

Grace, 64

"Pam and Sabrina are non-judgmental and sympathetic towards your needs. The suggestions are tailored towards your goals and easy to follow even as a busy mom."

Rose, 45

"I can sleep better; I no longer have recurrent colds and I lost 16lbs!"

Aisha, 52

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